Car simulation lab

The driving simulator lab is equipped with two computers and three monitors. Facing the monitors is a seat with a safety belt and everything that you would normally find in car: a steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake and of course gas, brake and clutch pedals. On another computer in the lab, the design for the route that is shown on the three monitors and that the driver should travel can be set up.

Example: Research of driving behavior

One of the subjects that can be researched is the influence of various types of psychopharmacology on driving behavior. For instance, the response time of test subjects can be examined.

Test subjects will first receive inhibition training, after which they will be tested on making risky traffic decisions. During the car following test, for example, the distance between the driver and the car in front of him will be monitored. Other aspects that can be monitored are stopping time, driving speed, zigzagging and stopping for a red traffic light.