Experimental designs


Using our (mobile) lab facilities a lot of experiments are executed. For a wide range of behavioral, psychological and physiological experiments, computerized paradigm are designed and built. Generally within a controlled environment a wide range of stimuli are presented. Possible stimuli include 2D and 3D visual, auditory and video stimuli. When needed also complex randomization of the stimuli is possible.


In some of the experiments it is necessary to interface with external hardware. In this way it is possible to synchronize with physiological measures like fMRI, EDA, ExG signals and eye movement. Reaction times (up to 1ms precision) and other performances are measured and collected for further advanced data analyses.

Supported software

Both Presentation and E-Prime are used for building experiments.


Correct timing of both presentation of the stimuli and recording of the reaction times can be of major importance for our research. When the development of the experiment is finished, it is possible to check if the timing of the experiment is correct. This is done by E&I using independent hardware.

Experimental design projects