The Maastricht Advanced Attention Trainer (MAAT)

Since modern times people are attempting to enhance their cognition (= brain performance). This means that ‘elite brains’ such as professional musicians, athletes, top-managers, artists and scientist are always looking for ways to make their brains faster, more efficient and creative. People who live with injured brains (stroke, traumatic brain injury, brain tumors) are confronted with dramatic decreases in brain performance and need help in restoring their brain functions. Cognitive training is an important research domain for Neuropsychologists in Maastricht. They try to find ways to improve brain performance for healthy brains but also for the injured brains.

In this research project Instrumentation Engineering (IE) teamed up with Clinical Neuropsychology to develop an attention training device that is very precise in measuring reaction time, offers multi modal training opportunities (this means mental speed, attention, memory) and is highly adaptive to the capacity of the person that wants or needs to be trained. Important elements that cannot be found in the current commercial products. MAAT is an improvement of a commercial idea that was developed in the field of professional sports (American football). Find out yourselves whether cognitive training is a hype or gives true hope for the future! This is an opportunity to experience attention training with the new developed MAAT.