Is it possible to reveal information only known to the subject based on the EEG signal?


Participants have to imagine they’re a member of a terrorist organisation.On a computer display a map is shown with the location of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) somewhere on the route. In the next screen the map is shown again, now with a moving dot along the route, depicting the subject travelling on this route. During this animation a EEG is recorded. A trigger signal is sent to the EEG recorder when the dot passes the location of the IED, making it possible to see if there are changes in the EEG-signal on this precise moment.


E&I developed a SOTO application which makes use of the Google Maps® API to show the map and travel animation. A National Instruments DAQ device is used to generate trigger signals needed to synchronise the application with the EEG recorder. The accompanying instruction texts and questionnaires are also implemented in SOTO.

The result is an easy to operate web based task which makes use of Google Maps® and which can be used anywhere.