Beating The Binge


Binge eating is a common and severe phenomenon with many negative consequences. Even though effective treatments for binge eating do exist, many people do not fully recover. And even those who initially do, often still revert to their old patterns over time. In order to improve existing treatments for binge eating, we are conducting three consecutive studies in which we investigate the predictors of binge eating using systematic assessments in daily life and examine how and when to intervene to prevent binge eating episodes outside of the therapist’s office as well.

In the project we ask people with recurrent binge eating episodes to monitor their eating behavior using a smartphone app. Before and after each eating moment, and at random times during the day, they will answer questions about eating, thoughts, emotions, and the context in which these take place. In some of the studies, participants will also wear a smartwatch which continuously gathers information about e.g., activity level, heart rate, and sleeping pattern. This way, the key predictors of binge eating can be identified.

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